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Delta Baco® specialises in bringing new exciting cigar brands to Europe and we will love to work with you. We have developed a great system for importing cigars which means we do all the work from Europe so it is very easy for our partners to supply us. Perhaps you could let me know if you are interested in partnering with us? I look forward to your reply.

Rebellion Cigars

from @rebellioncigars Rebellion cigars now available throughout Europe through our partnership with Deltabaco. Thank you Diego for all of your hard work in making this happen ????

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?? Press Release, Rebellion Cigars, Delta Baco. Swindon, Wiltshire – Marbella, Malaga

Abbey Ridge and Delta Baco Sign a Distribution Agreement for the International Sale of Their Respective Portfolios in the UK and the European Union.

Progressively, the offer of New World Premium cigars from both companies facilitates the arrival of new universes and flavors for the palates of exquisite smokers from the United Kingdom and any other European country:

“We join efforts, capacity and passion to sell in our respective markets.”

The alliance will serve to fulfill the bureaucratic purposes of the ultra-regulated Tobacco markets, but above all it will focus on bringing a supreme luxury offer to select ‘aficionados’ on this side of the Atlantic.

“We are happy to join forces in a Europe whose union seems to be falling apart. We ask ourselves, children of Sapiens or Neanderthal travelers, if it would not be better to close our borders, protect ourselves and our markets, when the best, the wisest: the businessmen, did nothing but break them. Very happy that Shaun and Mandi Wilkinson, from Abbey Ridge management, share simmilar motto: “We are against prejudice of any type. If you have them, please go shop somewhere else”, comments Diego Antona, CEO of Delta Baco®.

Delta Baco®

Wholesale Importer of Tobacco products, Spanish and European Trademark Register, and SANTE EU-CEG Health Registry Party, Delta Baco® is a National Distribution Network reaching 14,000 tobacconists in Spain, more than 25,000 in France, and an International hub for Premium sales to B2B PoS, especially in Switzerland, Germany, Holland – Benelux and Eastern countries.

R E B E L L I O N  C I G A R S
Proudly Distributed by #DeltaBaco

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